The Weatheralls Primary School

elcome to Year 5's Class Page

Welcome to Year 5's Class Page

Class Teacher: Miss Stopher

 Our Learning in the Summer Term 

English  Maths 

 In English this half term, we will be writing our own Finding Stories


Our model text will be The Merchant of Mongolia by Miss Tiffin and we will be using this to help us write our own 'finding a mysterious object' stories.


In Reading, we have started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling.

Properties of Shapes

- Measuring angles in degrees

- Measuring with a protractor

- Drawing lines and angles accurately

- Calculating angles

- Exploring regular, irregular and 3D shapes.



Converting Units

- Kilograms and kilometres

Milligrams and millilitres

- Metric and imperial units

- Converting units of time and timetables



- Comparing volume

- Estimating volume and capacity