The Weatheralls Primary School

Staff List

Headteacher: Jane Segust

Assistant Headteachers: Sophie Horncastle and Richard Ratcliffe

Safeguarding Team: Jane Segust, Richard Ratcliffe, Megan Goldsack & Zoe Corley



Teaching Staff


Jane Segust

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Richard Ratcliffe

Assistant Headteacher & Year 4 Teacher 

Sophie Horncastle

Assistant Headteacher &  Year 5 Teacher

Zoe Corley

Early Years Teacher 

Laura Bedwell

Reception Class Teacher

Charlotte Maguire

Year 1 / Year 4 / Year 5 Class Teacher (4 days)

Kellie Goodchild

Year 1 Teacher (3 days)

Laura Jolley

Year 2 Teacher

John Bungay

Year 3 Teacher

Jackie Deal

Year 5 Teacher (2 days)

Louise Steventon

Year 5 Teacher (3 days)

Harriet Stopher

Year 6 Teacher

Lorna Kirk

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Support Staff


Administration/Main Reception


Pauline Whitwell

School Administrator

Tia Amery

Administrative Assistant

After School Club


Megan Goldsack

Leader / Designated Person for Child Protection

Tia Amery


Claire Brannan

Assistant (Wednesday, Thursday)

Laura Baker

Assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Friday)

Breakfast Club


Isabel Pearson


Tracey Bradbeer


Lucy Gordon




Tim Cockerton


Karen Hunt


Andrea Phillips


Kathy Rzeczycki


Anita Spichalska


Lunchtime Supervisors


Michael Holt


Claire Brannan

Lucy Gordon


Deborah Jordan


Emma Leeke


Beverley Owen

Andrea Phillips

Bayan Sparrow

Teaching Assistants


Lindsay Hillier

Level 3 EYFS Practitioner (Pre-School)

Louise Fuller

Level 3 EYFS Practitioner (Pre-School)

Megan Goldsack

EYFS Practitioner (Reception) / Designated Person for Child Protection

Isabel Pearson

Level 3 EYFS Practitioner 

Laura Baker

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Tracey Bradbeer

Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Michelle Davey

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Celestyne Gordon

Year 3 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Michael Holt

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Sue Hunt

Year 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Angie Leonard

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

David Minchin

One to One Teaching Assistant

Diane Williams

Year 6 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Part Time)

Sharon Wright

Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Part Time)

Youth Wellbeing Worker


Adele Pemberton