The Weatheralls Primary School


Teacher: Mrs Bedwell

HLTA: Miss Goldsack

Teaching Assistant: Miss Pearson

In the Reception class at The Shade, we aim to prepare children for their school life by providing them with what they need to become independent, interested and inquisitive learners. We also aim to make the children’s first year at school enjoyable and instil an enthusiasm for learning which they will take with them through their school career.

Our environment is vital to the children's learning and development. In Reception you will find engaging role play, vibrant displays and provision that covers all seven areas of learning (as effective outdoors as indoors).

Our parents/carers are partners within the children's learning therefore we celebrate the learning that takes place at home, as well as school.      

The topics that we cover are based upon the interests of the children, This allows them to be enthusiastic about their learning and engaged at School. Currently in Reception we are getting to know the children and learning all about their favourite things!

Talk for writing

We believe that for children to be able to write a story they have to be able to tell a story and the talk for writing programme encourages this.

The children in Reception have use story maps and actions and retell stories as a class. We then encourage the children to adapt a small part of the story and tell it in their own words. We have currently been learning the story of Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle, using this story map.


Our  next story will be The Three Little Pigs, this is a favourite as the children always love being the big bad wolf!

To learn more about talk for writing please see :

Learning at Home

Reading at home

Reading at home is absolutely vital to a child's progression in reading. The children will start reading wordless books which develop their storytelling skills, we then move on to phonic style reading books which allow the children to practice their phonic and blending skills (s -a -t = sat).

We encourage you to read with your child for around 10 minutes everyday to give them the best start in their reading journey.

Here is some advice for reading wordless books:

Maths at home

The Numberblocks have been helping us to understand number.

Follow the link below to find out how you can help at home:  

 10 ways to help your child with Maths